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Labor Law Poster Services is your one-stop shopping destination for all your labor law poster needs. We carry both federal labor posters and state labor posters, as well as "all in one" labor law posters that cover all mandatory state, federal, and OSHA posting requirements in a single poster. ("All in one" posters are also commonly known as "State and Federal Combo" posters or "Total Labor Law" posters.)

All of our posters are laminated, and we offer Spanish labor law posters for each of the ten states in which Spanish language posting is mandatory for employers with Spanish-speaking employees.

We have a dedicated compliance department to monitor all upcoming changes in labor law posting requirements so that we anticipate updates and offer only the most current employment law posters available.

We also offer a labor law poster service with free email newsletter updates to keep you abreast of changes which may affect your existing compliance posters, as well as an easy-to-read update chart right on the site to use as an anytime guide in determining whether there are any new labor law poster requirements which your existing posters do not fulfill.

Total Labor Law Posters
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Federal Labor Law Poster
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Labor Law Posters
Total Labor Law Poster
Federal Labor Law Poster
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Forklift Poster
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"I really like them. They make things a lot easier, more organized...I would like to comment that the customer service with your company has been exceptional! Hopefully we'll be doing more business with you soon."
- Kimberly B. Lavender
Benefits Coordinator
Grand Rapids, MI
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Customer Quote

"I accidently found your site when my normal provider was unable to fill the order quick enough. I wanted to thank you for quick, and well designed posters. I plan to make all of our purchases through your company from now on. As an International Construction Company we have sites all over the country and need state and federal posters all of the time. Thanks again."

Keith B. Snead, WSO, STS
Corporate Health & Safety Director,
Columbus, Ohio

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